Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Event Planner

When you are planning to have a professional event organized by an event planner, then you must ensure that the person you are hiring for organizing the event is professional and experienced, or else, your event can be jeopardized.

It takes a big heart to hand over duties to some stranger just because he/she claims to have in-depth knowledge and tonnes of experience regarding the same. You must have a list of questions to ask from the person, and you must have all your doubts cleared before the commencement of the project.

Things to ask from an event planner before finalizing anything

1.  You must find out as to what styles of events did the planner manage and plan previously. This is considerably important if you have an event that is based around jewelry, but the planner has a background in sports planning, which will be a complete misfit. The first thing that you need to ask is how much knowledge and experience he/she has and how it relates to the event that you are about to have in the days to come.

2.  You need to ask as to how early they can begin just to figure out how the planner and his/her team organizes in relation to the events. In case, the planner is working alone, then it becomes even more important to get details as to how he/she will manage everything alone. Don’t fall for phrases like ‘Don’t worry, I’ll handle everything’ because what if the person is not able to handle everything? He/she will apologize or refund the payment, but your event is ruined, so is your reputation, so you need to make sure that things are completed on time so that you have a successful event.

3.  If you think the event planner is good but doesn’t have a team, then you can ask other event planners that work in teams so collaborate for this one big event of yours. If such collaboration is possible, then you should definitely have it, otherwise, find an alternative.

4.  Another thing that you need to confirm with the event planner is the contacts he/she has from other industries because a big event will require input and cooperation of several other industry professionals, therefore, it is important that the event planner has contacts of people from other industries. This will make your task a lot easier.

5. Most importantly, you need to ask about the charges the event planner will take for organizing the entire event. As most event planners work in teams, it is obvious that the price will cover all the expenses of each team member along with a profit margin, so make sure that the entire cost is well within your budget. If you have good negotiation skills, then use them now, especially when the quote is slightly higher than your budget.

You should also ask the event planner about any bad situation that happened in any of his/her previously organized events, and he/she and the entire team handled it. This will give you an idea regarding the professionalism and responsiveness of the event planner.

Ask any question that comes to your mind regardless of how foolish you think it may sound because it is about your event after all.