Month: September 2019

10 fun bar mitzvah entertainment ideas

Doing 12 or 13 in a young person’s life is a big deal! Also, this is a great excuse to party. Looking for a way to get to the top of the latest “mitzvah” you’ve attended? Check out these 10 Creative Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas that will fit any theme!

  1. Customized dessert buffet
    A bar or a bait for specialty food or beverage station is a growing trend for a party, so don’t miss out! Candy or dessert buffet easily match the theme’s color. Caterers can help to create a custom menu based on very customizable dishes or themes.
  2. Photobooth
    Capture tons of fun memories with a photo booth! Throw in some fun props to match your theme and you’re set. The photos are printable, shareable and provide a perfect souvenir for your guests. Teens love selfies, so why not give them what they want?
  3. Party DJ
    It’s not a party without music, so make sure you get a DJ to keep the flow going all night. Playing a DJ Emmy allows you to relax and enjoy the party while your bar or bat mitzvah spends the night with their friends!
  4. LED Performer
    Lighten up the party with an amazing LED Performer! These professional performers use hula hoops, wands, and other LED props to run a truly entertaining event.
  5. Airbrush Artist
    Airbrush artists can personalize a T-shirt, hat, bag or any other “colorful” thing! Send a unique souvenir to your party guest at home.
  6. Henna Tattoo Artist
    Mix a little culture into your bar or bat mitzvah party ideas! Mehdi Tattoo Artists can quickly create beautiful art on the hands, feet or shoulders of guests. Most use organic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about strange chemicals.
  7. Circus Law
    To really get your crowd moving, try Acrobat, Airlift, Extortion or Sideshow Activity! These professionals know how to entertain and can usually work with available space. So sit back and enjoy the show, especially if you’re using a circus theme!
  8. Marmada
    Bring some magic to your party from the bottom of the ocean! Great for beach or sea themes, a climate can really make a splash. Mermaids can be happy to swim in a pool (if easy) or perch on dry land. They love to take photos with guests and tell deep stories!
  9. Fire entertainment
    There is nothing more exciting than fire! Whether you like fire or dancing or eating, it is sure to impress. Fire entertainers like Poi Dancer are perfect for Hawaiian or Lou themes. (Check with your venue before booking Fire Entertainment)
  10. Caricaturist
    Do you know teenagers who don’t like excess? That’s why a Caricaturist is the Perfect Party Entertainment! They simply need a chair and can provide a personalized drawing for each guest on your team

What happens at a Bar Mitzvah Party

The Bar / Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage for young boys of the Jewish religion. A bar/bat mitzvah is when a boy or girl reaches the age of 13 and becomes responsible for his or her work as a man or a woman. He was also able to participate in public religious worship and follow religious rules. “Bar Mitzvah” means “Son of the Order.” “Bad Mitzvah” means “daughter of the Order.” So what happens at a bar mitzvah party?

A Bar / Bat Mitzvah party is usually a sight that follows religious ceremonies. They are traditionally a very large and elaborate group of children who are celebrating their bar mitzvah attended by friends and family.

The reception is usually held in a large event space that all guests can enjoy. It is a time of eating, drinking, dancing, celebrating and socializing. But when it comes to bar/bat meeting parties, there is a sequence of events!

Dition Thematically, a bar/bat will be started by the event’s owner, introduced to the Mitzvah family. The Bar / Bat Mitzvah celebrator comes next. Festivals are a fun and formal way to splurge.

Some bars/bat mitzvahs will even have themes. It is not uncommon for sports or other themes to be fully incorporated into decorations and festivals.

Then comes the candlelight. The child who is celebrating his mitzvah calls his family. Then light candles that will be placed on top of the cake. The first candle will be lit to commemorate family members.

Before sitting down to have dinner, any family member will read the prayer, blessings to the celebrated ha-motji. A senior member of the family recites ha-motji on the loaf of bread, honoring the hon shawar and the child was also celebrated. The chalala is cut and passed for sharing.

After eating, the child recites a special dance with his mother at a bar mitzvah. This is a special part of the coming of age process and is often a fond memory for parents. Everyone sees that children and parents have a dance set for music together.

Be sure to wear your dance shoes! To celebrate the Jewish Simcha), dance is almost always involved. Horah can be done – all you have to do is a dance in a circle holding hands with people. It’s great fun and anyone can do it. The dance also involves traditionally lifting the host and family in a chair in the air. Lifting the chair represents being near a spiritual place. It is also a symbol of people being unable to do anything without the support of others. A toast is made after the host (or sometimes earlier) by the father, thanking everyone for coming and participating in the celebration.

You can also expect gifts. Money is a traditional and acceptable gift that will always work well. Inside a good card is a Benjamin (or a couple) luggage like that. Some want to give a bond that is a favorable number since it is more than 18.

Finally, the festivities are down in the air and the day is over. A lot happens at the bar/bat mitzvah party and at the end of the day, a boy is now a man and a girl is now a woman. Make sure you have the most comfortable shoes for dancing, bring a gift and enjoy the celebration!